Hotmail is one of the oldest email services to have come up on the internet. Hotmail has gone through a lot of modifications since its launch and the latest one is that Hotmail has recently changed to after it was acquired by software giant Microsoft.

In previous post, you have learned how to sign up Hotmail account. In this post, we would like to introduce to you how to log in Hotmail account to use its great services and utilities.

Signing in to Hotmail is a very simple process, you will just need to provide a few pieces of information, including your Hotmail username and your Hotmail password in order to gain instant access to Microsoft account.
Just follow the simple and easy to understand steps outlined below.
Hotmail sign in: Step-by-Step
1. Go to one of the or When you have become acquainted with it, on the right half of the page, you will have two lines. The first is the place where you write your email or username and the second one is for the password. These are the ones you picked when you registered.
2. Enter your Hotmail Email Address into the upper box. This is not sensitive case so it’s up to you whether or not you would like to capitalize your email address.
3. Now enter your Microsoft Hotmail Password into the appropriate field. Your Password is case sensitive.
4. To finish the log in procedure, you need to press Sign In. You are now into your Outlook account and you can enjoy a full experience.

5. You can also check the little box underneath that says Keep me signed in so you won’t have to put in the username and password each time you need to access your email. just guided you how to log in to Hotmail account. Good luck!

These steps will help walk you through the process of changing your timezone settings in Hotmail /

STEP 1: Log in your hotmail account here Choose the Gear symbol (settings) and then “Options”.

STEP 2: In the folder “General”, choose “Region and time zone “.


STEP 3: Choose your language, date and time format, and time zone settings.

Your language chosen will determine date and time formatting.

STEP 4: Click “Save”.