Microsoft Outlook is an email management program on the desktop that quite popular worldwide. The following article describes how to configure account to work with Microsoft Outlook easily.

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The steps are applied to Microsoft Outlook 2013. First, you open up Microsoft Outlook 2013 and go to the File tab -> Add Account.


In the Add account window, check the Manual setup or additional server types option, and then click Next. In the next dialog box, select POP or IMAP then move to the next step.


Now, enter some information to configure the account. First, in Your Name section, enter your name, then enter the email address that ends with in the Email Address. In the Account Type section, click the arrow button and select POP3.

Next, enter the Incoming and Outgoing mail server. For Outlook account, the incoming mail server is outgoing server is

Under the Login information, enter your username and your Gmail password.


Now, go to More Settings. In the Outgoing server tab, enable the first option My Outgoing server requires authentication and make sure that the Use same settings as my incoming mail server option marked.


Then switch to Advanced tab and check the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)box and enter the appropriate port numbers. For the incoming mail server, enter 995 and enable the option this server requires an encrypted connection. In the outgoing mail server, enter the number 587 and choose TLS from the drop down list.

Adjust the slider in the Server Timeouts section at least 2 minutes. When you connecte-mail accounts with Microsoft Outlook, it will automatically download these emails to the computer, and after a period of time, the emails on the server will be deleted.

So if you want to keep a copy on the server, check the Leave a copy of messages on the server box and uncheck the box Remove from server after.


Once you’re done with that, click OK and return to the Gmail settings window. Now, click on Test Account Settings button, Microsoft Outlook will check the settings you’ve entered into by trying to log in to the server and send a test email. If the message dialog “Congratulation! …” appears, then you have successfully configured.


Finally, click Close -> Next -> Finish. Now you can use email address that ends in to send and receive email in Microsoft Outlook easily.

Setup Alias in Microsoft Outlook:

The steps to configure Alias to send email in Microsoft Outlook is the same as above, however, there are some minor changes. In the configuration dialog, Email Address section, enter the virtual e-mail address (Alias), and in theUser Name box, enter the primary email address (including


For steps to configure and check the connection, you do the same as above. Now, when writing a new email, simply select the email address that you need to use in Form section.


Besides these settings steps as shown above, you can see more How to use Outlook Connector for Hotmail on Internet.

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