Hotmail is known as the first email service in the world which is provided by Microsoft. Similar to Email accounts of Google or Yahoo, Hotmail is provided to users free of charge with easy account creation and high security.

Although Hotmail service was official “notified a death” in about August 2012,the entire accounts on Hotmail are automatically backed up to the system Currently, is the latest email service of Microsoft. Basically, when you sign up for a Hotmail account it also means that you own an email account in Outlook.

When owning a Hotmail account, you can use it to access different Microsoft services. You also need an email address to sign into Facebook or Twitter also. So make a Hotmail account for free to have your own personalized email.

Steps to create a Hotmail account:

Step 1


First, open Web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome …) andaccess to Hotmail homepage. Here, click on“Sign up now”.

Step 2


The screen will show the specific steps needed to register for an account. You need to fill all required information in the fields such as Name, User name, Createpassword, Country, Date of birth, Gender)

In password section, make a strong password. As Hotmail id is same as other online id it need to be complex for security reasons. At least 8 character is required for Hotmail password. Strong password consist of alphabets, numbers and special characters. In addition, users are recommended not to set easily-predicted password such as 12345678, etc. to avoid losing Hotmail account.

To make your account recovery option please select your mobile number and alternative email address.

Enter captcha code to verify that you are a human in the next field.

Step 3


After completing all the necessary information, click on “Create Account”

Step 4


So the process of creating your Hotmail account has been successful. The screen now displays the personal information you have just registered. You can edit the information by clicking on the specific sections in the menu bar on the left of screen.

Note: Keep in mind the registered informationto recover password in case of losing password. Afterward, you can log in your Hotmail account to use it. Wish you success!