Microsoft Outlook is a free email service that enables you to send and receive emails. Ever wondered why when someone sends you an email you receive it 30 minutes late on Microsoft Outlook? This tutorial will introduce some tricks to speed up sending and receiving email in Outlook 2007.

We have 4 tricks out of which, one is a visual explaining how to speed up MS Outlook. Uninstall RSS feature of Microsoft Outlook 2007, Remove unused Add-ins, Compact & Combine PST Files, Restart Outlook 2007 in Safe Mode! While these tips will help you to speed up Microsoft Outlook 2007, as well as keep it running without hogging on the CPU resources to kill other applications.

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Trick 1: Uninstall RSS feature of Microsoft Outlook 2007

RSS newsfeed feature of Outlook which were added in quick news updates for users. But this feature significantly reduces the processing capability of the MO 2007. To disable this feature, follow the simply way below:

Click Tools> Options. Then select the Other tab >Advanced Options. Next, uncheck Sync RSS feeds to the Common Feed List. Click OK twice to finish. Then, go to Tools> Options, select Mail Setup tab, click the Data Files> RSS Feeds. Then you press and hold the Shift key, select all Feeds. Click Remove to complete.


Trick 2: Remove Unused Add-Ins

In addition to fetchingFeeds via RSS, the Add-insare also the cause of… Outlook slow. The integration of Add-ins make users have more utilities to use. However, not everyone needs to use. Therefore, you can remove unimportant Add-insto be able to open and use Microsoft Outlook quickly.

You can remove unused Add-ins through the menu Tools> Trust Center> Add-ins. Then, selectGoin the bottom and uncheck Outlook Add-ins. The Add-ins you can remove include GoogleDesktop, iTunes Add-in, Acrobat PDF Maker, Mindjet MindManager …

Note: Windows Search Indexing Add-ins must be retained.

Trick 3: Compact & Combine PST Files in Personal Folders

PST files can be e-mail containing attachments, appointments … and the maximum size can be up to 2GB. So to use the Outlookfaster, you need to remove what can be removed or compress files with smaller size. This not only helps you effectively manage your hard disk, but also your inbox.

To do this, select the File menu > Data File Management, select Personal Folders. Then Settings> Compact Now.

Trick 4: Restart Outlook 2007 in Safe Mode

Normally, when starting in the normal mode, MO 2007 will load a lot of utility attached as Filters, Rule … When in Safe Mode, Outlook 2007 will ignore the Rules and Filters and which makes increase the speed of Outlook significantly. You can run Outlook in Safe Mode via Start> Run. Type Outlook / safe.

Also, if Norton, MSN Messenger, or Zone Alarm is integrated into Outlook, then you should disable this function via the Settingsin each program.