Microsoft has corrected some technical faults that made thousands of users can not access the Windows Live account, Hotmail email and other online services from Microsoft.

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“A problem has occurred that made the global users can not access to their Windows Live account. This issue has been resolved and the system has worked as normal”,Samantha McManus, the Product manager of Windows Live, said in an email of news agency.


Microsoft has not announced the cause of these errors publicly, but some reports have indicated that, besides Hotmail and Windows Live, these errors have affected to many other Web services, including online Xbox Live Game and Microsoft’s Windows Messenger, the programs ask the users to log into their account on Windows Live.

The problem has spread globally. Windows Live users sent a lot of messages to online forums of the countries, from Finland to Japan and Honduras.

“Our customers, who have used Windows Live are expected to service with a high reliability, and Microsoft has done its best to solve this rare error as soon as possible.”McManus said.

This error of Windows Live also makes the services of other companies in trouble. The service of Bell Canada’s Sympatico that put your servers in Microsoft’s MSN network, also stalled within several hours.

Hotmail was launched in 1996 thanks to the efforts of two programmers, then sold to Microsoft a year later. This service is transferred from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmaillast year while Microsoft was paying attention to the integration of their online services in a unified name.

Microsoft announced that it now has about 280 million Hotmail users in the world.