After a long time forgotten, Microsoft has officially launched the new version Hotmail, hoping to compete with Gmail.


The new version of Hotmail

Right after new version has launched, Microsoft has won over many users, switching from Gmail to Hotmail.

It can be seen, with the launch of the new Hotmail version, Microsoft is increasing competition with Google in the field of web-mail.

So what led to this change? Let’s explore what’s new in Hotmail.

  1. User-friendly interface


New Hotmail has a clear and convenient interface

The first impression is Hotmail has set very little advertising. It can be said that less than Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Even Hotmail also allows users to disable ad by clicking on the “Close Ad” button below.

Menu range at the top include Microsoft utilities and services such as Windows Live, Office, Photos … quite handy when users want to access.

The default folders of Hotmail are located on the left, users can create more folders by clicking on “New Folder” button.

Bing’s email search box designed upper right email list. Users can search email for an email by sender name, keyword, date …

  1. Rich Features


SkyDrive allows users to store document up to 25GB

Hotmail allows users to store all types of documents, photos via SkyDrive services up to 25GB (Gmail is 7 GB).

New Hotmail version also allows users to synchronize data from your PC to SkyDrive. This feature is quite useful and convenient, you can access your documents anywhere, anytime, and especially without fear of data loss in case of incident.

Office Web Apps is considered the most prominent service which allows creating and editing text files, slideshows, online excels. Thus, officeusers will find Hotmail convenient than ever.

For people who prefer social networks, Hotmail allows you to connect to their accounts on social networks with your Hotmail account. All update information will be displayed right in Hotmail via the “Social Updates” button.

  1. Speed

In this update, Hotmail has optimized source code to achieve the highest speed. According to our reviews, the load speed of Hotmail evenly matched Gmail even faster sometimes.

Thanks to fast speed, Hotmail has attracted many users from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.


The competitiveness of the services on the internet is increasing. Sometimes only a few changes making its services rise ahead of competitors. This change of Microsoft has proved it.


Microsoft has just announced 7 new features of webmail services based on the largest web in the world – Hotmail. These new features will provide conveniences and improve important fields, particularly as spam filtering, increased expression, storage and mobile platformcompatibility … All of which are designed specifically to meet the power growing demand for users.

Here are 7 new features of Hotmail you should know:

  1. Schedule Cleanup 

This feature allows you to erase all messages sent from an email address in certain times. It is quite useful if you often been bothered by advertising messages or automaticallynewsletters from social networks.


To delete the messages sent from an email address, you mark any message of that person, select Sweep> Schedule cleanup. In Schedule cleanup dialog box, tick one of the three options “cleanup”: Only keep những messages from this sender/ Delete all messages older than xX days/ Move all messages older than xx days yy to. Then click OK to delete or move messages.


Some ways to use Scheduled Cleanup:

– Only keep the latest events calendar email from your favorite websites;

– Only keep the latest offerings from Groupon or any other general purchase provider;

– Clear your newsletters after 10 days, in that way, whether you read them or not, we never clog your inbox;

– Automatically archive your emails fromfinancial organizationsinto a folder after 30 days.

  1. Stop receiving advertisements with One-click Unsubscribe

If you have already subscribed to receive newsletter on a Website and feel trouble by getting too many unnecessary messages, One-click Unsubscribe feature helps you get rid of this situation


Click on advertising mail then click Sweep -> Unsubscribe. After clickingUnsubscribe, you will not receive promotional emails from this website anymore.

  1. Hotmail highlights –flag important email

This new feature will help keep priority messages on the top of Inbox. Users will no longer have the status marked “unread” or send an email to themselves to keep them at priority position.


To mark the flag, you drag the message and then click on the white flag symbol, next to the title.

  1. Improving the ability to attach files or photo album

This is the ability to send larger attachments. Hotmail limit storage attachments to 10MB, but the new Hotmail will extend this capability by enabling users to send data up to 10GB in a single message, by uploading documents or pictures to SkyDrive, a free web service that allows online storage to 25GB of Microsoft.


Then recipients will receive a link to SkyDrive and they can view the photos or download them to computer. If it is a link to a document, they can use Microsoft Office free version on the web to open and edit them.

  1. Act Quickly

The buttons will appear when users moves the cursor through email and help them delete, mark flag, scan email … with just one click.


Current users can optimize the interface for the mailbox by deleting or adding buttons on the taskbar, for the most frequently used functions.

  1. Manage convenient directory

Besides aforementioned features, Hotmail also has advancedmanagementdirectory tools, allowing users drag and drop, create new folders quickly without accessing to menu, markall in the folder as read, or renamed, cleaned, or even delete the folder.


  1. Hotmail app for Android

Besides adding new features, Microsoft also pushed Hotmail up to Android Market application store. Hotmail app for Android helps users sync calendarand contact as well as foldersin the Inbox.


Users can send email with attached images or receive emails with attachments. Importantly, it is the ability to support management of multiple Hotmail accounts.