Hotmail like other accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo mail, you can set up a signature easily, and it will be appended to all emails you write automatically. Here’s how to do it.

Set up Your Windows Live Hotmail Signature

Step one
Login to your Hotmail account and go straight to your inbox. From the options menu in the top right-hand corer, select More Options.

Create an email signature in Hotmail 1

Step two

Select Mail -> Email signature

Create an email signature in Hotmail 2

Step three

Enter the desired signature and add any formatting or images under Personal signature.

Click in the box and type the text you want to appear in your signature. Use the drop down menus at the top of the window to change the font, size, colour, alignment or even add links in your signature. When finished press Save and your signature will automatically be added to any emails you send.

Create an email signature in Hotmail 3

Step four

Click Save

In May 7, 2007, Microsoft announced that Windows Live Hotmail, is launching globally in 36 languages. The mailbox capacity of Windows Live Hotmail is 2GB.

This is the successor to MSN Hotmail service and the most important upgraded version of Hotmail since the first time it launched to the public.

The goal of Windows Live Hotmail service is replacing a pre-existing Hotmail service and contributing to Microsoft’s development strategy on Live service platforms.

Windows Live Hotmail integrates many new technologies, and allows users to easily access via the Web, on mobile phones or e-mail client. Products are built on the foundation of Microsoft AJAX.

“We’re ready to offer Windows Live Hotmail to the more than 20 million MSN Hotmail accounts” Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of Microsoft, said.


Windows Live Hotmail is designed with interface that is identical to famous email applications on PC – Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. The mailbox now includes a preview window like Outlook email.

From May7, 2007, customers can visit address to upgrade the new Windows Live Hotmail services. If you want to use Windows Live Hotmail on mobile phones, visit: The capacity of Windows Live Hotmail Mailbox is 2GB.

But by the end of this month, Windows Live Hotmail users can use this service via e-mail and connect to free use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Office Outlook 2007 via the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector beta. Outlook Connector will be available globally in 11 languages.

In 2008, Microsoft plans to expand the segment of software for mobile phones. It plans to achieve sales of 20 million units integrated Windows Mobile operating system in 2008.

Additionally, the software giant also plans to provide more softwares for 40 different manufacturers of mobile phones worldwide. Among them are Motorola and Samsung, two manufacturers have promised to choose Windows Mobile for their platforms on devices.