Technically, if you have applied the HTTPS activation process on the Windows Live Hotmail account, it is likely to encounter some problems not compatible with other desktop programs. And Windows Live Hotmail is one such application, but Microsoft has not made any plans to overcome. In the article below, we will give you a temporary solutions, which is connect to a Hotmail account enabled HTTPS mechanisms from Live Mail client application.

===>>> hotmail sign in

First, boot Windows Live, press and hold the Alt key to display the menu bar, here choose Tools> Accounts …:


The next window appears, click the Add button ->Email Accounts -> Next:


Next, enter the email address of Windows Live / Hotmail information and password, tick “Manually configure server settings for e-mail account” box in the bottom of panel and click Next:


=>> Remove Hotmail account from Microsoft


In this step, just make sure that we can send mail, back to “Account settings”itemin the previous step, but this time select the account just set up and click “Properties”. The next window appears, select the Servers tab, check the box My server requires auth … then click Settings:


Outgoing Mail Server window displays, select“Log on using”, here enter your email address and password, check the box Log on using Secure Password Auth … Click OK to finish:


Thus we have completed the setup process. To check whether it works well or not, try sending one email to any your own account and press the Sync button:


Good luck!