Normally up to 50% of emails in your inbox are newsletters, 17% are updated from social networking, 9% arenotifications and 6% are purchasinginvitation – these numbers are increasing day by day! Only 14% of all received emailis actually related to you.


Mail management application Microsoft Hotmail

It’s estimated that a mailbox received 14,600 emails on average and a lot of them is “graymail“. Graymail are newsletters that you subscribed to receive, but most of them is unwanted emails. That may be the weekly newsletters introducing about cheap tour, updated from social networks, the procurement offerings or report on your child’s learning. The amount of these newsletters is increasing and occuping spaces in the inbox.

These statistics indicate that updating and managing mailbox effectively becomes extremely difficult and time consuming, labor productivity reduced. However, Hotmail has introduced a series of new tools to help you do this. Mr. Trinh Khac Toan, head of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Vietnam emphasized: “HotmailSmart Tools allows users to classify graymail effectively and filter them accordingly.

Here are 5 tips for managing your inbox effectively.

Grouping news


Grouping news of hotmail

Hotmail has just added a new folder named Newsletter. Ms. Le Thu Hang, CMC Director ofdeployment said: “Hotmail will filter emails offering fashion, travel or shopping and move them to this folder correctlywith 95% accuracy. This feature is extremely helpful in classifying mails, helping you to set the order of priority for the emailsrelating to yourself. In fact, when you classify an email as a newsletter, the filter will recognizebetter, for both you and the other Hotmail users”

Just one click to unsubscribe.


Unsubscribe easily

Hotmail helps you stop receiving the newsletters with a single step. Click on the “Unsubscribe” button and Hotmail will help you complete the rest – automatically notify sites know to stop sending mails to you.Use Sweep to immediately clean up your mailbox and remove all the old messages sent from the same source, and finally pass any new messages from that source to the spam box until the sender takes you off their list.

Organize your inbox with Schedule Cleanup

You want to receive the newsletter, but only want to keep the latest copy. Because offering newsletter is really useful in the first week and replaced by a new newsletter after certain time. Schedule Cleanup is a newuniquetool of Hotmail, runs in the background mode to keep your inbox organized. With Schedule Cleanup, you can:

  • Just keep the latest emails sent from one source
  • Remove expired messages (3 days, 10 days, 30 days or 60 days)
  • Move messages to a folder when they exceed the limit time.

In this way whether you read or not, inbox will neverbe clogged, accordingly your emails fromfinancial organizations is automatically stored in a folder after 30 days.

Setting priorities for important email

How to keep an important email at the top position and not forgotten? Someone marked unread message status, someone resend messages to themselves to keep it always at the top position. But when new email arrives, they can still cause confusion. Hotmail has provided users experience as Outlook, tracking important messages by flags. Marking message with flag, it will at the top of the inbox immediately. Moreover, you can even set up rules to automatically flag incoming mail from certain senders. Thus, all the important messages always identified and arranged at the highest position of the inbox.

Classify email by the options


Although automatic classifying mailfeature was almost enough to meet the needs of many users, Hotmail hasaddedoptional classification which is easy to use, help users control the inbox more efficiently. We can quickly create a new folder and move related emails to that folder without looking for mail. At the same time, e-mail can be classified quickly and displayed next to the files along QuickViews, so you can easily find the mail you want.