You immediately need one email address to sign-up but do not want to flood in spam? Try 10 Minute Mail, a web service that allows creating mailboxes with 10 minutes lifespan.

When you register to access a website, blog or service, you are often asked to provide an email address, then the next days, annoyed with massive spam appearing in your mailbox . 10 Minute Mail will be a great solution for you to escape from this difficult situation.

It lets you create a new mailbox with the fit survival time to complete your registration .. Then disappears without leaving a trace. Not complicated and the best solution, absolutely no chance for spam.

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It’s more wonderful when this service is completely free. You can access to try at

After setting up a temporary e-mail address here, you will receive an email and can respond as perfectly normal, except that all is automatically wiped out within 10 minutes (possibly longer, depending on your initial choice).

Very quickly, this service is becoming the “hit” of the blogosphere. And people are giving it a title “Anti-spam Roundabout”. Bands are not many applications, but interesting, simple and intuitive so 10MinuteMail isworthy for you to try once.


Microsoft has recently dropped 2GB individual file size limits for OneDrive. Now the service users can upload files larger than 2GB in size to OneDrive.

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One of the most anticipated improvements in OneDrive cloud storage services is individual file size limit. It has been limited to only 2GB for many years. Microsoft recently acknowledged that they are conducting to increase this limit and now this work has been completed.

Many users said to Reddit that the files over 2GB in size can now synchronize on their OneDrive. Microsoft will confirm this in a few days.

Many Dropbox users reluctantly switched to OneDrive by the file size limit problems, so dropping files size limit will encourage them switch to use OneDrive in the future.

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