Hotmail is the first e-mail service in the world, provided by Microsoft and has a large number of users, especially within enterprises. Because of the popularity, users are more prone to cyber attack nowaday. In this post, we will show you how to increase security in Hotmail account.

Here’re 4 basic steps to enhance the security.

Step 1. Use a strong password:

  • Use special characters (@,#,$,…) and number in you password.
  • Avoid selecting “remember password” when you are using public computers.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts. Use additional special characters if you happen to use your password for multiple accounts.

Step 2. Using HTTPS protocol:

To enable HTTPS in Hotmail, go to Option> More options. Chose Advanced Privacy Settings at the Hotmail Options.


In Managing Your Account section, select the Account Detail line (password, aliases, time zone). After the new page opens, pull down the page and select Connect with https ->Use HTTPS automatically … Finally, click Save to enable HTTPS connection on your account.


Step 3. Recovering password information:

Make sure your Password Reset Information always update so you reset your password with the information you had given to Microsoft.

Similar to step 2, go to Options -> More options -> Managing your account -> Account Detail (password, aliases, time zone) -> Password Reset Information

From here, you can add alternate email addresses, phone numbers and security question to recover your password if you happen to lost your password.

Once finished, click Save.

Step 4. Using Hotmail on public computers:

Another feature of Hotmail you can use when logging in to your email account on public computers is “Get a single use of simple HTTP on public computers“. This will generate an automated password which you can only use for one time, the password will be send you via text message to your phone.

To enable this feature, select Get a single code to sign in with when log in to your mail account.


In the next screen, click Get one here and type in your email address and your mobile phone number. Click Send text message and use the code you received to log in to your Hotmail account.


Each Gmail user has a different demand on the font of the text when composing an email. Someone love the simple style so they often choose

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